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Currently, HIFA-PETROL d.o.o. Sarajevo employs over 410 people who are continually trained for work in the contemporary business environment. The company is employing highly qualified economists, lawyers, engineers, technologists and IT professionals, masters of science and other qualified employees. The average age of employees in the company is 32 years.
  •   HIFA PETROL d.o.o. Sarajevo Hotonj bb, 71320 Vogošća
  •   Telefon: +387 33 584-370
  •   Fax: +387 33 584-382
  •   Email: [email protected]


Muhamed Vrabac

Wholesale Trade

Valdet Kovacevic, Technology Engineer
062/992-680 | 035/360-080
[email protected]

Finance Department

Tifa Pilav, BSc. in Economics
033/584-383 | fax. 033/584-382
[email protected]

Legal Department

Halid Kadric, Bachelor of Law - LL.B.
033/584-397 | fax. 033/584-382
[email protected]

HP Card

Damir Bajramović dipl.oec.
061/519-110| 033/584-424
[email protected]


Sabina Mujkanovic
033/584-432 | fax. 033/584-390
[email protected]

Marketing and PR

Alma Guberinić dipl.oec.
062/976-368 | 033/584-440
[email protected]


Jusuf Alic, Architect
033/584-393 | fax. 033/584-393
[email protected]

Transport and Logistics

Enes Karagic, MA Traffic Engineer
033/584-396 | fax. 033/584-393
[email protected]

Elvedin Omerhodžic, Prof. of Defense and Security
033/584-392 | fax. 033/584-393
[email protected]